Policy Priorities



The Policy Committee has begun work to develop a three year plan of action to address the following issues which were adopted at the AGM as priorities for the ICA. The Policy Committee welcomes any observations or ideas from members/Guilds on the topics listed - address to Mairead O'Carroll, Chairman, ICA Policy Committee, at 58 Merrior Rd, Dublin 4 or email to office@ica.ie - for the attention of Mairead.

Trafficking of women

We hope to have a speaker on this topic at the Regional Conference in Cavan in November.

Health issues & women

Violence against women and particularly violence in the context of rural isolation

The Policy Committee will be briefed in October in detail on the national situation in relation to these two issues. The Committee will then make proposals to the Board as to how best the influence of the ICA could be used to promote and develop supports and services.

Children's rights and in particular the numbers of migrant children disappearing and the use of the Amber Alert system in Europe which helps find lost children

Women in decision-making including political life and business

Members of the Policy Committee are carrying out further research on these issues to identify how best the ICA can work on each topic.



Developing New ICA Policy


The Procedures Committee has prepared a template to guide Guilds and Federations who wish to propose issues to the AGM 2011. The template is available from the office - just email your request and it will be sent as an attachment - or from Federation Presidents and Information Officers.